Carjacking Survival

People get carjacked every day. What’s your plan if it happens to you?
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Carjacking Survival

Course Focus
You drive thousands of miles and spend hundreds of hours in your vehicle every year. While often uneventful, each time you get in your car, you may become a target.

People get carjacked every day. Even happening to members of Congress! What’s your plan if it happens to you?

Prepare yourself with the knowledge to counter a would-be carjacker. Develop good habits to keep yourself safe on the road, in the parking lot, at gas stations, and anywhere you slow down or stop.

  • Use the 10 second rule to save your life.
  • Avoid habits that make you an easy target.
  • Use your vehicle to survive.
  • Fight or flight… which is right?
  • Decode the patterns of carjackers
Location: Course May be held on site or in our facilities

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